Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Beginning

I'm kind of impulsive.  I seem to love to commit to various things and then say, "What was I thinking?  I can't make a dress from these pieces of ribbon in the next four hours."  More often than not, I'm committing not to someone else, but to myself.  I see a piece of fabric and think, "I could make something wonderfully delightful out of that."  Or I get an idea for decorating Eleanor's (and hopefully eventually Charlotte's) room and start without realizing how much time and energy (and money) would be required to finish.  So, my goal with this public format is to curtail my impulsive nature and give myself more focus on the projects at hand. 

Some of the projects I have in mind include, but are not limited to:
  • unpacking the last four boxes from our move (five months ago)
  • organizing the girls' room
  • decorating the girls' room
  • repurposing found materials into usable objects (vague I know)
  • finishing the tshirt I started for Eleanor
  • washing dishes
  • dying some white clothes that were recently given to me
 My first project (which I hope to add pictures for soon) is my office area.  This space has been hugely neglected since we moved in to this apartment in May.  I use the phrase "office area" loosely, as it is in reality a corner of our bedroom.  I want a space to pay bills, work on arts and crafts, write letters, watch hulu and eat ice cream.  I need space away from little hands so I can remember that they and I are not the same being.  I need space to be me.  Anyway, this corner in our bedroom has basically just been piled with boxes and junk that needed to be dealt with (papers to file, clothes that the girls had outgrown, pencils from our wedding???).   Today I sorted through most of it.  I thought about my goals for the space and envisioned calmness.  I sorted through boxes and piles and organized.  I have a stack of papers to file, a stack of thank you notes from C's birth (one year ago!) to mail, and some things to hang on the wall.  I want to take the awful apartment grade blinds down and put up some curtains so it is easier to access natural light. 

For now, I'm going to pack Eleanor's lunch and snacks, hang up the load of laundry that's in the washer and then go to bed.  Tomorrow is Eleanor's short day and I'm hoping to have something fun for us to do during Charlotte's afternoon nap.

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